About Us:

20110406100506_00041AJust like any concerned parents, we raised our daughter to find out that it’s a dangerous world out there, we needed some place to go to select great products that are sold on a “safety first” basis. This is the place to find those type of products. Check back frequently to see new products and reviews as they are added. We’ve gone to great lengths to research safe, reliable products.

Please don’t skip your own research however.

We are not scientists or engineers, just concerned parents who have found useful solutions to help us raise our own baby and wanted to pass those on to you. In other words, don’t simply take our word for the absolute safety of a product we mention here, check it out yourself. That’s always the best solution. We’re going to give you a great start by doing the up-front research and the rest is up to you.

Enjoy this site and please provide us with feedback, we are always interested in hearing more about you.