GracoSnugRider EliteYou and your baby will love having a great stroller. But is it safe? Here are a few options when it comes to safe strollers.

You want a model that will make pushing it around as easy as possible. However, remember that you don’t just travel with your baby via stroller. As you will be transporting your child around in the car, look for one that will make transitioning from car seat to stroller a breeze. Not only will this save you from constantly packing up your car with more items, but if your baby is already fast asleep, he/she may never even notice the transition happened—there’s no need to wake them.

The Graco SnugRider Elite is a good model to consider. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to pack up or unpack and it will fit any Graco car seat with an easy one step attachment mechanism. This model also provides an extra large storage area to hold on to all the essentials of traveling with a baby.

Want to find out which stroller is the very best?

91sLdEcTUVL._SL1500_Much like with car seats, you can also purchase an all in one system which will provide you with a car seat, the accompanying car seat base and the stroller. These models are going to be heavier and also take up more room, so be sure you’re up to the task of maneuvering it and that your automobile will be able to provide enough space. One of the benefits of purchasing an all in one stroller, though, is that you can enjoy the convenience of simply using the stroller without having to reconnect the seat every time. Although you will spend more upfront, you’ll be purchasing a great value as you’ll be able to use the stroller even after your child outgrows their infant car seat.

After your child outgrows their infant car seat, you still have the stroller to use, whereas with a car seat carrier frame that stroller would need to be replaced. Evenflo provides a great model with their Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat. This model is great as it can be stored more than one way, making the kind of automobile you own less important. Another great example is the Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller. It will accommodate any Graco car seat out there

Now that you have an idea of the kinds of strollers out there and the models you can purchase, let’s take a look at the buying process.

81uSDrXlkmL._SL1500_Something Different:

No matter what kind of stroller or model you decide on, see if you can find a way to take it out for a test stroll first. But what happens if you are an active bicyclist? There’s actually a great solution for you. Notice the heavy, tall wheels on this InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer, it’s build for safety and it’s built to last.

Child strollers, no matter what you choose, must be both safe and comfortable, there’s a great selection shown here. If it has a removable car seat component, check to be sure the car seat fits your vehicle and that the transition is easy to pull off. Testing out your stroller before purchasing also helps cut through a lot of the jargon often associated with this purchase. At the end of the day, you just want to make sure it does what you need.

There are other things to look for as well. Be sure the height of the stroller fits yours. You don’t want to be stooping constantly or holding your arms in a weird position. You also don’t want to have the height be so low that you’re constantly kicking the back of the stroller or having to change your stride to avoid doing so. This is when taking it out on a good long test stroll can make all the difference.

Of course a stroll is only half the battle. Are you able to fold it up and store it easily? What about if you’re at the grocery store? Make sure getting it in and out of your car is an easy task and especially make sure it’s easy to transition your child’s car seat. Part of this will also mean getting a feel for the product’s heft. If it’s too heavy, you could actually run the risk of hurting yourself over a long enough period of time.

41CMhB17-DLNow what about pesky insects, want to protect your baby and still provide a safe and comfortable environment? Consider the Sashas Sun, Wind and Insect Cover.  It’s very easy to strap on, it’s very safe and it works well. And for the price, it’s a perfect accessory for the outdoor life.

Consider your child’s age as well. Newborns need to be able to lie back as they can’t sit up on their own or control their heads. If it does lay back or has the ability to, make sure it still provides adequate support for your child’s head and neck. If you’re purchasing a stroller that will allow you to jog while you travel with your baby, know that most of these don’t lie back or provide the necessary support.

91sB7JDipEL._SL1500_There are other safety features to consider as well. Many strollers come with brakes these days. Make sure these brakes lock two wheels when initiated. You also need to make sure these brakes aren’t within reach of your child, however, and that they can’t reach the release lever either. Strollers with wide bases are ideal as well as they are less likely to tip over. Although you might be looking for one that can fit into a smaller vehicle, realize this is a safety measure worth accommodating. If your stroller has a footrest, be sure that it fits snuggly to the rest of the stroller so your baby’s little feet don’t get trapped between them.

Take this Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller for example. It has a hand brake on the top control bar for mom’s easy access and the basket is sturdy and accommodating. An afternoon’s shopping is easily swallowed up in the ample and spacious compartment.

Lastly, you can take some practical measures of your own, regardless of the stroller. Always stay close to your stroller and make sure the brakes are initiated when you’re not hanging onto it. Make sure any toys that you hang from the stroller’s bumper bar are securely attached. If the child has toys of their own, be mindful of what they’re doing with them.

Strollers are a great way to travel with your child, but there are a number of features to look for before making a purchase. Above all else, be sure to keep the above safety tips in mind when shopping. If at all possible, give your ideal stroller a thorough test drive before deciding it’s the one for you.

To see an assortment of very popular models, click here and browse the directory. As always, the staff at is always on the lookout for your child’s safety first!