Your toddler is touching, tasting, exploring everything in sight. Toppling, tumbling and terrifying. Why? What is it that drives their busy little brains and bodies to act that way? It comes from a deep need to satisfy their inner longing for learning. Fill that need in a safe way with these toddler toys that teach. 

A Teaching Turtle?

Terrific! Everyone loves animals. Especially slow and steady ones. Well, turtles may seem slow but this one from V-Tech sure isn’t! The V-Tech Touch and Teach Turtle introduces your little ones to letters, shapes, numbers and music.

Featuring a 16-page interactive book in his belly with light-up buttons, learning becomes play. Each page features four large letters of the alphabet for easier viewing and better retention.

There are also short stories highlighting each letter shown.  His eight little toes teach numbers and play music. Your child will easily be able to choose between all 3 modes independently – Letter Mode, Story Mode and Music Mode, with the handy side switch. Auto shut-off after 30 seconds ensures a longer battery life. There is even a built-in handle for those active outdoor excursions.

This turtle makes such a safe and friendly learning friend! Isn’t green great?

71Be4WleHwL._SL1128_Learning! It starts so early these days! I think you’ll agree, though, this Baby’s Learning Laptop from V-Tech is a must have piece of toddler tech. Children will learn to identify common objects, shapes and music.

This laptop goes a bit further and teaches your little ones to identify their feelings. It’s so much better to practice bytes than bites! There is an integrated speaker and a fully attached mouse. There are no cords to worry about with this mouse.

The mouse moves in eight different directions when the lid is opened while staying fixed solidly to its base. When closed, touching the mouse invites your child to open up the lid and learn. There are 3 play modes which can be easily switched by little fingers. This product is designed for ages 6 through 36 months.

There is a cut off switch which is activated automatically after 30 seconds of idleness. It’s small and light enough not to worry about them carrying it to the office, or even as far away as the playroom. What safer way to introduce them to computers?



91F1QO2UqzL._SL1500_Engineering Delight! Another great resource for safe exploration is the Gearation Building Toy by TOMY. Recommended for ages 36 months and above, the Gearation Building Toy is excellent for learning spatial relationships and studying cause and effect. It’s so much fun, they won’t even know they’re doing it!

This is a future inventor’s delight.

Mom, you won’t have to worry about the furniture because all of the design and testing takes place on a 14″x16″ magnetic easel. Eleven plastic gears in different colors, sizes, shapes and patterns allow children to arrange and rearrange for hours. Each gear is between one and three inches in size. No small parts to worry about here! There is a moveable gear in the center that allows your child’s design to “run”. All of the switches are fat enough for little hands to grasp and turn. 

These are only a few of the fabulous, fun teaching toys that are designed around safety, ease of use and learning potential.

Keep checking back for more toddler-friendly ideas!