Whether it’s your first baby or your rambunctious 5-year-old, every mom wants the safest, high-quality children’s products available. From birth to the teenage years, safety comes first when selecting useful, fun stuff.

Here are some of the most popular, highest rated and safest products available today, that have all the mom’s talking.


Birth to 2 Years

Susen Safe Shampoo Hat
All the big brands of baby shampoo claim to be tear free, but sometimes, that isn’t the case. This unique hat keeps your precious little ones eyes, (or sensitive older child) safe from stinging shampoo, while still being able to properly wash their hair. Soft and flexible, this hat comes in blue or pink. You can rest assured knowing it is one of Amazon’s Highest Rated in safety and consumer satisfaction children’s products available. For a price of only $2, this is sure to make bath time easier for both mom and baby.

Bfloweryan Door Stop Finger Pinch Guard

51lsvrAiV7LEveryone knows how much it hurts to shut a finger in a door, and this safety product from Amazon saves a lot of tears from being shed. The Door Stop Finger Pinch Guard fits high up on the inside of the door to keep little fingers from being painfully pinched on a quickly shut door. It comes in 4 lively animal shapes and for the low price of less than $2 a piece, this quality product is a toddler must-have! 




2-4 Years

Best Baby Sunscreen

71RGhB+pVML._SL1000_Badger Baby Organic Sunscreen has become the most coveted sunscreen for children on Amazon. Organically produced, this sunscreen comes in 30 SPF, giving your toddler more time to play in the sun, without the grease of most other sunscreens. Made from sunflower oil and beeswax, this sunscreen also boasts no chemical additives, using only “the safest mineral zinc oxide”, according to Amazon.com. 




O’Neill U.S Coast Guard 

61usHNXaVsL._SL1200_Summertime is here and what could be better than some time at the pool! This Unites States Coast Guard approved life jacket is perfect for your little swimmer. It comes in blue and pink and provides children as small as infants with buoyancy to help encourage them to swim. With handles and several safety snaps you can rest assured that your child will float head up in the water comfortably. Always make sure you closely monitor your child in water, even if they have on a safety vest! 


Crayola Washable Paint Set

718F6GdGQvL._SL1500_For indoor play, Amazon has a great non-toxic children’s product from Crayola. This paint set is perfect for 2-4 year old’s, and make cleanup easy for mom and dad. It’s completely washable and is non-toxic. It comes in 10 colors for less than $10, and won’t stain most surfaces. 



5-7 Years
Raskullz Helmets 

81Jbum0EAgL._SL1500_81RLpbRItCL._SL1500_Bicycle riding has never been cooler (or safer) for your 5-7 year old. These come in a wide variety of animal shapes and sizes. For about $20, these helmets are one of the highest rated children’s products on Amazon. Your child can choose anything from a T-Rex dinosaur to a pretty pink kitty cat, and you can relax knowing your child’s head is safe with “shock absorbing inner lining”. With helmets this cool, all the kids will want one! 



Bratz Safety Gear

41TNYW0JYYLPurchase these Bratz Brand knee pads and elbow pads, and your child can match their favorite sporty Bratz Doll! These will protect you child’s perfect little knees and elbows while still allowing them to be the little diva they are. For less than $20, you get both the knee pads and the elbow pads and it comes with a fashionable Bratz pink boa. It won’t be hard to get your kids to be safe while playing with all of these great safety products from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of some of our favorite safety products for babies through 7-year-olds. Please let us know if you want to see more like this.